Vehicle Tracking System - Britannia

Vehicle Alert Protocol

We can monitor multiple types of vehicle tracking systems within our monitoring platform.

We would generally receive an alarm from your vehicle/plant in the following scenarios:

  • If the vehicle has moved out of a virtual boundary (geofence) within certain time frames.  (handy for JCBs, Plant Etc)
  • If the vehicle is travelling without the ignition on or immobiliser engaged.
  • If the vehicle alarm has activated.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Alarms are handled by our professional operators who will action in accordance with a set action plan as well as being able to live track the vehicle using integrated mapping within our monitoring platform.

Systems covered by our platform, but not limited to, are Scope, Navman and Scorpion.

Vehicle Theft and Monitoring Action Plans

Fully comprehensive action plans can be customised to suit the specific clients needs and we can provide daily, weekly and/or monthly automatic reporting of all activity on the assets monitored.

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