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We can monitor almost any incoming signals

It’s not just intruder, fire alarms, and CCTV we monitor. We can also create automated 24/7 monitoring actions and responses for any of the following:

  • Temperature Alarm Monitoring
  • Commercial Fridge Alarm Monitoring
  • Commercial Freezer Alarm Monitoring
  • UPS alarms
  • Fish Farm Alerts (Low Oxygen Levels etc)
  • Flood/Leaks
  • Gas alarms…

…to name a few.

Signal, response, action

If your system is capable of sending an alert in an industry standard format, we can interpret and translate as required into any type of custom signal with any combination of response you require depending on signal sent

Process Monitoring Signals

To put this in to real world terms

If you have a gas alarm, we will immediately alert maintenance, communicating and confirming information with your staff on site.

If a freezer alarm triggers, we’d automatically call the duty manager protecting your stock etc…

Is it worth the risk not monitoring critical systems professionally?

Many systems rely on basic technology such as speech diallers or text alerts to report issues with critical pieces of plant.

This is an unverified, unaudited process.

monitoring critical systems professionally

Trusted professional monitoring

With professional monitoring the signals can be sent via a dual path communications device with verified paths of communication, handled by our professional operators with full logging and auditing of all actions taken, including phone call recording.

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