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Lone Worker Alarm

Lone worker protection is a major issue for employers. At Britannia Monitoring we understand you need a service both you and your customers can rely upon.

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Our Lone Worker Monitoring provides 24/7 monitoring for enforcement officers, hotel reception staff, home visit nursing staff, council employees, security officers/engineers, or key holders.

Let us know your lone worker monitoring requirements – we’ll tailor what we deliver to meet your needs.

Key features of our devices:

One Touch SOS Button

If you are in distress, the SOS button is pressed for help, the device will then send your details and your current location to our experienced operators.

Worker Welfare Check

Automatically ask the user if they are ‘OK’ by showing a message on the screen. If the user does not confirm ‘OK’ an emergency alert can be sent to chosen emergency contact.

Potential Threat Alert

Pre-set your ‘amber alert’ timer when going into a potential conflict area. If you do not cancel your amber alert within the agreed time period an alert will be sent.

Britannia GPS location devices

Designed for personal safety and security

Small & discreet

Lone Worker Alarm - Oysta Pearl+
emergency services dispatch

Have emergency services dispatch to your worker’s map coordinates.

The device includes a man down alarm, which asks the user to signal their presence and wellbeing on a regular basis*

*If the user does not acknowledge the device in a given time period, the remote monitoring station is alerted to the inactivity.

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What is lone worker protection and how does it work?

Lone worker protection is a system put into place by an employer to protect their employees when they work alone.

You can provide a safe working environment by installing panic alarms, remotely monitored by Britannia. This provides a cost effective solution to ensuring safety and security at all times for all staff.

What happens in the event of a lone worker emergency?

  1. Immediately upon receiving an activation from a lone worker GPS device, operators at Britannia liaise with the client and/or the emergency services.
  2. Our Operators supply them with the required information, often a grid reference, map coordinates and/or a latitude/longitude reference of the end users location.
  3. Dependent on the instructions received by the client, we may also be required to provide personal details of the end user, i.e. a description or any relevant medical information.
  4. All calls to and from the Lone Worker Monitoring Centre are fully recorded, logged and archived in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Secure your staff members

With a GPRS and GPS with SOS functions, when the person needs assistance they press the SOS button, which sends us an alarm* with map coordinates of the worker’s last recorded GPS position.

The device also phones us so we can initiate two-way communication – Our security operators can simply listen to what is happening (keeping the presence of a lone worker protection device a secret) or speak directly with the worker.

*at the Britannia remote monitoring station

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