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Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Beyond Industry Standard

All systems are monitored beyond industry standard levels.

All operator response times and calls handled are monitored on a daily basis.

We ensure we maintain a high standard of service to all our clients.

Fast and effective response to alarms received

Unique actions plans can be assigned to every alarm type i.e Key-holder, Site, Security Response, Maintenance Team, Refrigeration Engineer etc.

This can change dependant on time of day and or if your intruder alarm is set, for example ‘only call the Security Response team when the intruder alarm is set’.

Disaster Recovery
Asset Tracking

Integrated to your workflow

Activations reports can be linked to your CRM or back office management system so that they directly import in to programs such as Cash for Windows and Alarm Master. 

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NSI Gold approved CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre

Founded in 2016, we maintain the latest technology to receive a large amount of signalling types in to our advanced alarm handling platform.

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Web portal for both engineers and clients

We have a web portal for both engineers and clients so that remote access to their systems can be gained for putting systems on test, checking alarm signal history.

The admin web module enables you to modify keyholder details, schedules, carry out reporting and check site logs which are instantly updated on to our live system.

Monitoring multiple alarm signalling types

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