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Monitored Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm monitoring that works with your fire alarm system – We can receive fire alarm signals from many different types of alarm signalling devices such as Emizon, Dualcom, Digital Communicator etc.

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Fast and effective responses to alarms

With Britannia, unique actions plans can be assigned to fire alarm type. i.e Keyholder, Site, Security Response, Fire Alarms etc.

This can change dependant on time eg. only call the site and keyholders in normal working hours but call the fire brigade out of hours*

*dependant on the brigade areas policy on fire brigade response to automatic alarm systems.

Disaster Recovery

Our average alarm response time is 7 seconds*

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*Based on fire alarm reports on 1st Quarter 2018!

In case of fire…

You’re our number one priority!

Fire alarms always take precedence over any other signal*

*Fire alarms systems, being a life safety device, are handled in our ARC as the single most high priority signal and always takes precedence over any other signal

NSI Gold approved

Our NSI Gold approved CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) was founded in 2016 and has all of the latest technology to receive a large amount of signalling types in to our advanced alarm handling platform.

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