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Preventing crime with Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a reactive security service; it cannot predict when an alarm event may occur, it can however prevent crimes from occurring, as we witness daily.

When alarm activations are received our Britannia operators act promptly and attentively to assess the situation and deal accordingly.

A highly effective deterrent

Talking CCTV – our operators issue live audio warnings to site, requesting they leave immediately

How to deter intruders

Just recently on a construction site three intruders were spotted coming over the perimeter fencing heading straight for the plant equipment on site, our operators quickly acted on the activations issuing live verbal warnings to site.

This was enough to deter the intruders who quickly ran from the site taking nothing and leaving the site secure.

Prevent the crime occurring

In this instance it prevented the crime occurring, however had this site not been remotely monitored the situation could have been much different.

The CCTV could have provided footage from the incident which could potentially be used as evidence, but the client could have lost valuable plant equipment.

With Remote CCTV Monitoring we can stop intruders in their tracks before any damage is caused, saving time & money all round.

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